EMMy – Ecological material mini library is a project of the Research Group Circular Built Environment, led by Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand.

Numerous new products are available for the architectural design that incorporate environmental compatibility in addition to aesthetic and functional aspects. Proven products are increasingly promoting their ecological criteria, too.

This leads to material descriptions with differently understood evaluations. Although objective comparison tools are available in the form of certificates (for example, Environmental Product Declaration), due to their high degree of complexity, they are not given much attention in planning.

The RB Ecological material mini library EMMy tries to mediate between scientific evaluation on the one hand and manageable categories on the other hand. Based on the origin and traceability of the building materials, the materials are divided into groups.

Each product is identified by product name, manufacturer, material group, greenhouse gas emissions associated with the product and by primary energy. They are based on manufacturer information.

There are no sustainable materials–only in the functional and constructive context is this dimension of the design defined. Products themselves contain ecological properties.

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