Acoustic panels from mycelium

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Mycelia are the totality of all hyphae, the thread-like cells of a fungus.

Products are created in a growth process based on mycelia in combination with agricultural by-products such as straw. The mycelia act as a natural binder by utilising the nutrients present and growing through the substrate to form a cohesive material.

The modular system Myamo by Katharina Querbach was developed within the framework of a study project at the KISD under Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo. It consists of an edge, corner and centre panel and allows the individual design of a relief-like overall picture by turning the individual modules 90 degrees.

Myamo is inherently fire-resistant, so there is no need to add fire protection agents that are hazardous to health. The modules are characterised by their sound-absorbing properties and are lightweight. They are suitable as acoustic absorbers for use in the interior.

The modules are pollutant-free and therefore 100% biodegradable.

Manufacturer: Katharina Querbach