clay design plaster

Ecological Data per mass per volume

Primary Energy, non-renewable1.1MJ/kg
Primary Energy, non-renewable958.0MJ/m³
Global Warming Potential0.1kg CO2-eq/kg
Global Warming Potential125.0kg CO2-eq/m³

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Clay plaster traditionally consists of clay, sand and silt. The clay design plaster Yosima consists of mixed sand, coloured clay, clay, perlite, cellulose fibres and methyl cellulose. Straw fibres, granite, glitter, mother-of-pearl, sisal, grasses or herbs are used as structural additives.

The clay design plaster is used on interior walls. There are 140 natural colours and 8 structure variants of the plaster. Suitable substrates for the design plaster are clay plaster, masonry, solid construction materials, plaster base boards and dry construction boards. It is applied in a layer thickness of 7–10 mm with a trowel or a plastering machine.

Since the clay design plaster consists of natural materials, it is ecologically degradable and can be returned to the biological cycle if used on clay bricks or clay subplaster. (When used on other substrates such as sand-lime brickwork, for example, mixing can take place which endangers the purity of the type and thus restricts degradability).

Manufacturer: CLAYTEC e. K.