clay ready-mix plaster building board

Ecological Data per mass per volume

Primary Energy, non-renewable1.4MJ/kg
Primary Energy, non-renewable958.0MJ/m³
Global Warming Potential0.2kg CO2-eq/kg
Global Warming Potential125.0kg CO2-eq/m³

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

The clay dry plaster board consists of clay, perlite, reed, hemp and jute. The company Claytec offers them in various sizes, for example 62.5 cm x 62.5 cm and a thickness of 16 mm, with a weight of 4.4 kg per board (11.2 kg/m²).

The clay dry plaster board can regulate humidity and heat in the interior and avoid peak temperatures due to its high heat storage capacity.

It is used as a dry construction board for cladding wood and wood-based materials, as well as old plasters and solid construction materials, and also serves as a substrate for loam plasters and loam coatings. The dry construction board is glued with clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar.

If the not plastered dry plaster board is screwed together, it can be reused. If not contaminated by other plasters, the dry plaster board can be recycled partially. As it consists entirely of natural building materials, it can be returned to the biological cycle.

Manufacturer: CLAYTEC e. K.