concrete with recycled gravel sand aggregate

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Concrete with recycled aggregate from gravel sand is a mineral product of water, gravel recyclate, sand, cement and concrete admixtures. Bimolab’s material sample used 70% recyclate, which is produced from prepared gravel. These are samples that have been developed within the framework of research. Loose gravel, e.g. used in outdoor facilities, is collected, sorted and added to the fresh concrete.

RC-concrete with recycled aggregates from gravel soil is used as concrete in building construction, for example as aggregate for RC concrete type 1 and type 2, in earthworks and road construction, civil engineering and in research projects. In Type 1 90 % of the up to 45 % approved aggregates are used as concrete and stone recyclate and 10 % as clinker or sand-lime brick. In Type 2, 70 % of the 35 % approved aggregate is used as concrete and rock recyclate. The other 30 % consists of clinker, sand-lime brick and other mineral building materials.

The use of recycled materials protects primary raw materials. The climate-impacting gases cannot thus be reduced. During use, the distances from the location of the concrete demolition and its processing must be aligned with the distances from fresh concrete in order to prevent a rebound effect.

Depending on the type of construction, the concrete can be reused (especially in the context of serial construction). It is possible to recycle RC concrete to a high standard without mixing with plaster or bonding.

Manufacturer: Bimolab gGmbH