fungal mycelium

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Fungal mycelium is a mesh of fungal hyphae, the filamentous cells of fungus. The fungal mycelium feeds on the substrate and penetrates it during growth. The fast, unrestricted growth and the very good insulating properties of mycelium are characteristic properties of this material and make it particularly interesting for use as an insulating material in the construction industry. Panel-shaped materials, sandwich elements or bricks for interior applications are also conceivable. Various research groups as well as the Chair of Structural Engineering at RWTH Aachen University are currently working on the development of fungal mycelium into building materials. Here, fungal mycelium and a substrate such as wood chips or agricultural residues are investigated.

The production of building components from fungal mycelium is almost energy neutral, in addition, the composition can influence and individually adapt the properties of the building product.

The fungal mycelium in combination with various ecological substrates is biodegradable. Without mixing with other substances, the components can be completely fed into the biological cycle.

Manufacturer: Lehrstuhl für Tragkonstruktionen, RWTH Aachen