KVH solid structural timber (MH approval) from regional forestry

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Solid wood consists of the cross-section of a single tree trunk and may be further processed by machining. In contrast to glulam and derived timber products, it is not mechanically or mechanically-chemically modified. The abbreviation KVH is a protected product designation for special construction timber with higher quality requirements. A distinction is made between solid structural timber for visible (KVH Si) and non-visible installation (KVH NSi). KVH is produced from spruce, fir, pine, larch, and Douglas fir and is graded according to load-bearing capacity, wood moisture, type of cut and dimensional stability. To minimise subsequent deformation, a moisture content of a maximum of 15% is achieved by artificial drying (chamber drying).

The advantages of KVH lie in its high and standardised load-bearing and warping strength. In addition, KVH is insect-resistant despite its naturalness. Greater lengths and higher load-bearing strength can be achieved by wedge galvanizing.

Eifel-based wood processing company Rosenbaum from Mayen near Koblenz obtains its wood exclusively from native tree stocks in the Eifel. The wood used is mainly spruce (85%), Douglas fir (10%) and pine (5%) and is generally sold untreated. Approximately 10,000fm (one solid cubic metre corresponds to one cubic metre of wood mass) are cut annually.

90% of the resulting residual wood in the form of wood chips is delivered to regional wood chip heating systems, of which about one third can be dried in a biogas plant with the waste heat generated. 75% of the sawdust is used regionally as animal bedding or processed into wood pellets. Rosenbaum obtains 15% of the electricity it needs from its own PV system.

Since the solid structural timber is not finger-jointed, glue is not required. Large cross-sections can be reused. At the end of its life, the product can be biologically degraded or energetically recycled.

Manufacturer: Anton Rosenbaum Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG