recy block

About the Product

The plastic polyethylene (PE) is produced by polymerising ethene (ethylene) and is based on petroleum.

A distinction is made between high-pressure PE (LD-PE or soft PE) and low-pressure PE, which are characterised by different resistance to cold and heat. Polyethylene is considered to be food-safe, i.e. no substances pass from the plastic to food. It is therefore used in the food industry and drinking water supply. Pipes, hoses, foils or cable insulation are other common fields of application.

The “Recy Block” was designed by the Dutch artist Gert de Mulder and consists of 100% post-consumer packaging material that has been pressed under heat into a cushion-shaped rectangular element. Mainly coloured plastic bags made of polyethylene are used. The blocks are connected to each other with a system of screws and holes. Recy blocks are lightweight and water resistant, but have limited heat and UV resistance and do not provide sound or heat insulation. They could find use indoors and outdoors, such as (partition) wall elements or in wet rooms.

At the end of their life, the blocks can be separated from each other non-destructively and blocks, as well as metallic fasteners, can be recycled separately.

Manufacturer: Gert de Mulder