recycled concrete aggregate

About the Product

The quarry of concrete can be processed into recycled aggregates. The material can occur either in the factory, on the construction site or during the demolition of a building. The purer the type of fracture, the fewer steps are required to enable high-quality recycling. If 95% of the recyclate consists of concrete, it is considered pure.

Due to its high density and strength, concrete recyclate can be used in particular as an aggregate in RC concrete type 1 and type 2. If it is difficult to separate it from other products such as plaster or mortar, it can be used as backfill material in earthworks, road and landfill construction. Aggregates are also used as a vegetation substrate in gardening and landscaping and in research projects on RC products.

The recycled concrete can be reused or recycled depending on the application. If it is pure and loose, it can be reused indefinitely. Once the recycled material has been incorporated into a product, the aggregates can no longer be dissolved in a single grade.

Manufacturer: Bimolab gGmbH