straw building board

About the Product

The woody, dry stalks of various cereal and fibre plants are called straw. It remains on the field after harvesting as a waste product. Due to high wheat production in Germany, straw is regionally available in many places. One tonne of grain produced yields almost as much straw. Straw can be compacted into straw building boards without any further binding agents using the extrusion process.

Straw building boards serve as a stable and very well-insulating alternative to plasterboard or gypsum fibre boards. The panels can be mounted on wooden or metal drywall structures or be directly screwed together. In addition, straw is well suited as an insulating material due to its low density. Due to a natural silicate content of 9–11%, no additional flame retardants need to be added. The addition of anti-mould agents or other pollutants is also not necessary.

The company istraw GmbH&Co.KG produces straw building boards with 98% straw content, which are compacted without binders and covered with recycled cardboard. In addition, it offers ISO straw, a blow-in insulation made of 100% wheat straw with a density of 60–110 kg/m3. Thus, a very good sound and heat insulation is achieved.

Manufacturer: ISTRAW