timber lining with charred surface

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

If the surface of solid wood is flamed, the result is a black, homogeneous surface that preserves the wood and gives it a special patina. The black wood can be further processed with oils, waxes or lacquers. For the product magma of the company Freund GmbH softwood, typically spruce or larch, is used as solid wood. The Magma boards are up to 3 – 4 m long, have a width of 140 / 170 mm and a thickness of 24 mm. Connected with tongue and groove, they are used as wood cladding indoors and outdoors. They can be screwed or nailed to the substructure. The boards can be loosened again and reused as a whole or in smaller parts. If reuse is not possible, flamed wood can be recycled according to type.

Manufacturer: Freund GmbH