wood fibre insulation board

Ecological Data per mass per volume

Primary Energy, non-renewable10.0MJ/kg
Primary Energy, non-renewable1,730.0MJ/m³
Global Warming Potential-0.9kg CO2-eq/kg
Global Warming Potential0.0kg CO2-eq/m³

Life Cycle Transition

About the Product

Wood fibre insulation boards represent a sensible step in the cascade use of wood given that used wood or wood waste is used in production.

The Gutex Multitherm board is made from wood chips whose origin is not defined more precisely. It is a pressure-resistant, moisture-repellent insulating board. It consists of untreated fir and spruce wood fibres and the additives PUR resin (4.0 %) and paraffin (1.0 %). The Gutex Multitherm board is available in the format 1760 x 600 mm and in different thicknesses 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 mm to achieve different insulation standards. It is used as external panelling on stud constructions, as insulation board on solid wood elements and on masonry behind the facing for ventilated facades as well as full-surface under-rafter insulation or full-surface on-rafter insulation. Due to its high heat storage capacity, peak temperatures are avoided. It is also moisture-regulating, sound-insulating and open to diffusion.

The Gutex Multitherm panel can be reused when detachable connections are used. Gutex states that the panels are to be recycled in the post-use phase. Due to the high calorific value, combustion is also conceivable according to EPD. Due to mixing with aggregates, the plate can no longer be fed into the biological cycle.

Manufacturer: GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk H. Henselmann GmbH & CO. KG